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We offer expertise in multiple blockchain platforms and solutions to help businesses sustain and grow in their respective industries navigating towards a digital and decentralized economy. We are well equipped to provide end to end business transformation solutions supplemented by latest digital trends such as IoT, A&I, ML Techniques and Data Science.

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About us

Organizations need to embrace the fact that, in this era of industry revolution 4.0, to stay relevant in the market, investment & innovative thoughts towards digital transformation is a must. Though we have been talking about being digital for more than a decade now, organisations are still struggling to move out of their legacy systems & digitalize.
Promenant comprises of industry experts & intellects with vast IT industry experience in Sales, Consulting & Delivery sectors. Focused on the forth coming era of transformational technologies, we are well equipped to take up the E2E Journey of our Customers towards their Digital Transformational journey and Business Model Disruptions.


We Provide.

Consultancy Services

To Understand and articulate the Problem statement & pain areas effectively through a design thinking approach while evaluating Customer requirements to meet market demands.

Transformation Solutions

What, Why and How can we solve the problem to transform your business based on identified pain areas, problem statements and assessment of technology matrix.

Orientation Training

We provide insights to professionals and bright minds on blockchain platforms and relevant digital transformations which in turn equip them to conquer the digital era.


We Cater.

Platforms We deliver

Our expertise in distributed ledger Technologies is spread across multiple platforms, where we Design, Develop, fine tune & deliver end to end Business solutions catering Digital Transformation needs of our customers in Public and Permissioned environment

We bring around 4 years of quality experience in “World’s most popular public blockchain platform” that can run dApps.


We develop Enterprise ready distributed ledger solutions with Amazon QLDB that provides a transparent and immutable transaction log ‎owned by a central trusted authority.

Amazon QLDB

Hyperledger fabric is the most adored and talked platform under hyperledger umbrella, run by linux foundation. We provide end-to-end development and deployment of industry standard HL fabric solution.

Hyperledger Fabric

We offer a wide range of services on Quorum built by JP Morgan. Based on Ethereum, Quorum is an open source blockchain platform that combines the innovation of the public Ethereum community with enhancements to support enterprise needs.


Corda is an open source blockchain platform built for business. It provides robust, private, free transaction capabilities using smart contracts, reducing costs and streamlining the business operations.

R3 Corda

Arguably one of the most cutting edge technologies and one of the most scalable blockchain currently, EOS brings in many extra scalability features to the applications, like contract upgradability and multisig permissions.


Can equip you with

Technical Training

We train you on DLT Platforms and other complementary technologies that are prominent in the ongoing digital era enabling Business transformation across industries.

Consultative Sales

Consultative Sales is unique and is different from selling Product and Services. The differentiating factor is addressed in Techno-functional aspects and is well sought after wherein you have to possess both domain knowledge and technology know-how.

We don't train to Sell as its individualistic but we provide guidance and support towards success measures that needs to be followed having an expert and eminent panel.

Management Training

Training program purely designed for future management grads whereby we equip them towards Market and Industry trend analysis, Business Plan creation, E2E Project/Program Delivery and Development cycles.

Faculty Training

As the title suggests, We are well poised to train the academic faculties who can further guide their students towards nect era of technologies and we guarantee our E2E support via collaborations.

Certification Training

Lastly, there are a lot of certifications out there in market and who knows, we might launch as well. But till then we are always there to guide you towards any certifications irrespective of the source or vendor.

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